Academic Excellence

Our approach to teaching and education is learner-centered and participatory. We believe in enabling students to collaborate, think critically and become co-creators of their learning journey. Together with highly trained and qualified faculty, the use of vast technology and the incorporation of curriculum that gives students the best options to explore a wide range of subject interests, we instill in them the skills, values and attitudes to become lifelong learners.


The Enrichment Program at The Cedar School aims to foster 21st century skills among students and prepare them for life long career skills as a practice. It involves designing, implementing, and evaluating these skills through courses, events and various experiential learning programs. Our Enrichment Program creates an environment for students which encourages them to dive into skill development and exposes each child to the experience of experiential learning.


The Cedar School extensively focuses on the health and wellness of our students both psychologically and physiologically. Our three main domains within the umbrella of well-being are Mentorship, Physical Education and Sports through which we incorporate mindfulness and wellness activities for the students as part of our curriculum throughout the year.