As part of our academic philosophy, through the Cambridge pathway, we offer our upper secondary students a wide range of subject choices through the Cambridge IGCSE Learner Route.

Differences between Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O Levels?

Both the IGCSE and O Levels are designed as 2-year programmes with a recommended teaching time of 130 hours before taking the assessment. While IGCSE offers over 70 courses, the O Levels offer over 40. The IGCSE subjects offer a range of assessment including written, oral, practical and coursework. In comparison the O Levels have a limited amount of coursework or practical assessments. Grades are awarded from A* to G for IGCSE subjects and from A* to E for O Levels. However, the IGCSE also offers students the Cambridge International Certificate in Education (ICE).

Why is IGCSE better?

The range of subject choices offered to students is greater, subjects such as PE and ICT are not offered through O Levels. Moreover, the option to obtain an ICE certificate, demonstrates a wider skill set while providing students with a more well-rounded academic experience. For those students moving to Pakistan from overseas, the IGCSE curriculum is more familiar and since it is often revised in comparison to the O Levels, both local and international students benefit from content that is regularly updated. Most institutions globally are moving towards the IGCSE programme as it has the propensity to align students with 21st Century skills. Therefore we have adapted the Cambridge IGCSE programme as this is in line with The Cedar School philosophy on education and student development.

Cambride Ice Awards

The subject choice for students at The Cedar School is directed to make them automatically eligible for the ICE Award. Cambridge ICE is awarded to students who pass in at least seven Cambridge IGCSE subjects. By obtaining this certificate students can demonstrate competencies across a wide range of subjects and skills which helps their entry into better A Level and higher education institutions.

Subject List

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