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We aim to foster the learning process for every student by offering interdisciplinary education which comprises of out-of-the-box core courses; designed to trigger students’ academic curiosity and encourage them to take the path of self-discovery in a facility where there is key emphasis on learning.

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Each human being is different. Some possess a passion for reading, while others may have a strong inclination towards sculpting. It is important to experiment in order to discover what it is we love, what our goals are, and most importantly, what makes us come alive. The Cores at Cedar provide you the space for this experimentation…to widen your horizons, to fuel your curiosity and to discover who you are by allowing you to choose from a variety of disciplines and encouraging you to think holistically. All in all, these Core courses aim to provide students with one essential tool: exposure. 


cedar enrichment program

At Cedar, we hope to inspire and nurture young individuals to go on to become compassionate leaders, eager learners, and responsible citizens. This means building programs — both academic and extracurricular — that encourage creativity, critical thinking, and empathy. To facilitate this ideology, students have The Student Activity Centre (SAC). SAC is the hub of student engagement, and focuses on student-led clubs and societies, along with their events and activities. It also works on school-wide events.


Cedar College is determined to encourage both its male and female students to get involved in some sport as soon as possible! With numerous options available to both genders, we hope to erase the stereotype of sidelining girls and boys to specific sports. Here, both girls and boys are encouraged to participate in all sports and take part in various tournaments. Providing the student body with such opportunities also plays a role in helping them secure scholarships for college, become excellent sportsmen, and have something fun and productive to look forward to on and off campus all year round!