The transition from the O Level to the A Level syllabus is quite challenging. The A Level years are the last years of schooling before students proceed to higher education institutions, and hence, at Cedar, one of the primary areas of focus is to prepare students for university – the most defining time of a young individual's life. While choosing an A Level school can be very exciting, it is also quite a daunting task.


With the first step being applying to an A Level school, it is important to ensure that the school has the program, resources and faculty you need in order to meet your personal and academic needs. It is our priority to keep the students’ expectations from the school in line with those of the school from the students.


Added to this, the pressure to make the right academic choices in terms of subjects, to maintain a strong academic performance and a well-rounded university application profile can be extremely overwhelming. The goal is to enable students to maintain an impressive/great academic profile so that they have a world of options to explore when it comes to choosing where to attend university, and which career path to pursue.


Our academic program offers Cedar students a well-structured and balanced A Level curriculum, along with a rigorous and inspiring liberal arts Core. Cedar College is affiliated with, and all subjects are offered through, Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE).





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Our A Level Courses

The academic experience at Cedar is defined by the team of educational pioneers at its core, all of whom want to put to good use the lessons they have learned over decades of collective teaching. Teachers who believe in leading from the front, who seek to challenge the conventional and push beyond the flimsy frontiers of knowledge. Cedar offers some of the best academic and student services programs in Pakistan.


Our Core Skills Programme

The Core at Cedar provides you the space for this experimentation…to widen your horizons, to inflame and unsettle your mind and to discover who you are by allowing you to choose from a variety of disciplines and encouraging you to think holistically.


Students must complete a minimum 4 courses from the Core over a period of two years.

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The duration of each course is two academic years, except for Global Perspectives and Research, Urdu and English Language.

Some of Cedar’s basic policies for students include:


  • Each student may select a minimum of three subjects at the A Level.
  • Subject changes, that is the adding or dropping of subjects, must be discussed with the academic advisor and the concerned faculty member for approval. Students may drop a subject at any time in the AS year, if they have four subjects. Students also have the option of taking an accelerated subject in their second year.
  • Students are only allowed to change their combination of subjects during the first two weeks of school keeping in mind they meet the minimum requirements of the subject.

Course Load Changes

Students are encouraged to discuss any course load changes with their respective counsellors in order to gain feedback regarding the implications for their intended fields of higher education. They will be given the option to add or drop A Level subjects during the first two weeks of the first academic year. To finalise this process, they must get approval from.

Students who have successfully completed Accelerated Mathematics in their first year, are eligible to sit for a minimum of two A Level subjects.

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