Obhartay Sitaray

For the first time ever, two teams from Cedar College took part in Obhartay Sitaray. Each team comprised of three students, who were supposed to present songs from three categories: Pop/ Movie, Folk/Milli Naghmay, and Ghazal/Qawali. Team A comprised of A2 students, whereas Team B comprised of A1 students. Participants included Fahmali Sehgal, Inshaal Mairaj, Eisha Waqar, Armin Qayyum, Faryaal Baig and Sameer Shahzad. Both teams went through intensive training and worked very hard for the event. What the judges especially appreciated about our students was that they had had no formal training. Therefore, we are proud to announce that Team A came in 2nd place in the group round! Additionally, Fahmali Sehgal and Inshaal Mairaj were also selected to represent Cedar College in the final round on November 24th.

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