Zarmina Raza

Zarmina Raza Department of Literature and Writing Circles

Zarmina Raza has been in the educational field for over fifteen years, with experience in teaching primary and secondary years, as well as university curriculums. As a faculty member of Cedar College, she enjoys teaching Literature and Writing.

Zarmina believes that learning is enriched by lively discussions where ideas are articulated and critical thinking skills are refined. She also feels that it is essential for students to not only develop sensitive, personal responses to situations and texts, but also to lucidly convey those responses in written work. With that in mind, she takes a keen interest in enabling students to find their voices in creative compositions and to effectively structure expository essays. She also enjoys guiding students on college application essays.

In her spare time, she writes short stories and creative non-fiction. When she can get away from it all, Zarmina relishes the opportunity to explore foreign cities and discover quaint cafes that serve exotic teas and delicious desserts.