Why Do We Have Work Shops?


Numerous workshops and training sessions will be organised in order to address students’ soft skills and life skill development needs. All skills-trainings will be arranged after regular analysis of the student body (AS and A2 separately), whilst incorporating faculty feedback.  The Cedar Enrichment Program will also be involved in particular programs. A College Readiness Workshop will be arranged to provide students with information regarding their college essays, college applications and tips for starting college. Students will be also be guided regarding the creation of an impressive profile prior to university.

Information Session on LUMS

This September, Ms Minhal Sheikh came to Cedar as a representative of LUMS to help our students gain some insight on the renowned institute. She began the presentation by giving a bit of LUMS history and what its core mission and values are. In Depth explanation of each school within LUMS and the programs they offer was provided as well as admission criteria, the application process and the basis of the scholarship.


The session ended with Sir Mustafa (Head of the Counselling Department at Cedar) and Ms Minhal explaining how to estimate your GPA and answered questions posed by the students hereby removing any confusions and greatly helping the students.




Representative of LUMS

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Performance Ensembles

The Middle School Band serves as an introduction to instrumental music using concert band instruments and exploring various styles of music. Open to students in grades 8-12, the Pep Band performs during football games and at pep rallies, parades, and community events. The Upper School Concert Band provides training in advanced music theory in instrumental technique.

“My academic planning meeting helped me realize that a good transcript is my ticket to

college, and the cost of that ticket is hard work.”


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