Nothing better defines the academic experience at Cedar than its team of educational pioneers – brainchild of an engaging group of teachers who want to use the lessons they have learned over decades to good use. Teachers who believe in leading from the front, who seek to challenge the conventional and push beyond the flimsy frontiers of knowledge.

There are countless possibilities that lie before you as you walk through the doors of a college. Decisions that shape, not just the next couple of years, but determine your professional and personal success are made. With all these opportunities in one place, you can wield them, build on them and optimize them to find that perfect balance best suited to your needs.

you have arrived at Cedar

Therefore, Cedar seeks in individuals of not just academic excellence, but those who possess the ability to explore beyond the horizons of their knowledge, to think beyond binaries of black and white, and to discover themselves in tandem with the world around them.

Note: Cedar College is registered with Cambridge International Examinations as a registered center.