Trip to Gorakh Hills

85 students, 8 chaperones and Mr Bilal Hameed set out for Gorakh Hills on 20th October, 2017. Everyone gathered at Cedar by 10 pm and set off by midnight. After stopping over at Sehwan at 6 am to stretch, watching the sunrise over chai and paratha was a must! Soon after, everyone off in their buses again only to offload 3 hours later and transfer in to small jeeps. The ride after that was no less than that of desert safari – bumpy and adventurous. After an almost never ending ride, the big Cedar group finally reached the Gorakh Hills Resort. Everyone took a sigh of relief and relaxed over some scrumptious biryani before setting up the camps. The highlight of the trip was the trek to Benazir Top where everyone took pictures, sang songs and stared as the sun went down. As they trekked back to the resort, they found a platter of tikka, karahi and daal waiting for them! The rest of the night was spent sitting around the bonfire, stargazing and playing games in the tents whole shivering in 9 degrees.

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