Syed Muhammad Kumail

Department of Physics

Syed Muhammad Kumail teaches Physics at Cedar College. He has several years of experience tutoring O and A Level students in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. He has a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), after completing which he joined Siemens Pakistan.

However, Kumail’s diverse interests in the performing arts and his fascination with Physics combined with an inherent love for teaching soon took over. He has been a faculty member at Cedar College since May 2015, where he uses innovative and creative methods to communicate challenging concepts in A Level Physics to students.

Kumail also continues to pursue his interest in the performing arts, whereby he has worked with a number of production companies primarily as an actor and also as a director and production manager. He is a founding member, performer and host for the successful improvisational comedy troupe, LOL Waalay.

Engineer by education, teacher by day, comedian by night and asleep late at night; Kumail claims that in his free time, if he gets any, he likes to do absolutely nothing.