Cedar College is an institution that prides itself always putting our students and employees first. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and harassment of any nature. With the intention of providing a clear and thorough structure for support, as well as overseeing the wellbeing of our students and employees, we are one of the first few schools in Pakistan to introduce a harassment policy to ensure that our college remains a safe space for all.


Under the guidance of renowned lawyers and Human Rights activists Ms. Nighat Dad and Ms. Maliha Lari, APNS-awardwinning journalist and co-founder and Director at Bolo Bhi, Ms. Farieha Aziz as well as contributions from Cedar College students, the Harassment Policy for the Cedar community was announced in January 2019.


Cedar’s reason for working on such a policy was to impart clarity of the legal definitions of harassment, as well as the correct protocol for reporting any kind of harassment. This means guaranteeing our students’ and employee’s safety, their mental and physical well-being, and serving as their guardians when they’re on school premises and engaged in school-sponsored activities. It was also derived to set a legal and procedural structure in place for all affected individuals, and to guide and help them find an appropriate resolution if need be. The intent of the policy is to ensure that our student body feels safe, and aware that Cedar is offering them an opportunity where they can express their concerns in confidentiality.


Cedar College works with students, parents and its employees to implement the policy firmly and ensure the mental, physical, and emotional safety of all current and future members of the Cedar family. We remain committed to improving the wellbeing of our community, encouraging and empowering all Cedar students and staff and firmly establish an educational environment free from discrimination and harassment.


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