Iftikhar Zaidi
Department of History

Iftikhar Zaidi is Cedar College’s History teacher. He has been active in this profession since the past 16 years, previously working at educational institutions such as Karachi Grammar School, Lyceum, Southshore and Bayview High. He was also the head of the Senior Section at The CAS School, where he played an instrumental role as he was the brains behind the introduction of the Learning Module Programme – an inspiring model for integrated co-curricular programmes in schools throughout Karachi.

Iftikhar majored in History and did a minor in the History of Ideas for his Bachelors from Brandeis University. Later, he completed a Masters in Imperial and Commonwealth History from King’s College, London. His thesis examined the political economy of the introduction of a standardised coinage in Company-ruled India in the 1830s, involving extensive research on the East India Company Archives at the British Library in London.

As well as being a history enthusiast, Iftikhar is also a pop culture junkie. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, collecting books, browsing his library, and complaining loudly about his lack of spare time. One day he will actually write that book he has always been threatening to write. One day…