Fawad Yousuf
Department of Economics

Fawad Yousuf teaches Economics at Cedar College. He has spent the last three years teaching both Economics and Business Studies at The Haque Academy. Interestingly, Fawad has developed unique teaching tools which promote interactive and experimental learning through the use of multimedia notes, videos, case studies and class excursions.

Fawad graduated from the University of Toronto, specialising in Finance and Economics. Subsequently, he worked as a Project Coordinator at Design Works and Financial Advisor for First Financial Consulting Services Canada. After returning to Pakistan, he joined his family business Gujrat Steel Pvt. Ltd. as an Operations Manager, until his passion for teaching took over.

Unable to separate himself from his entrepreneurial spirit and his excitement with developing new ways for students to learn and enjoy themselves, Fawad has set up a recreational business venture by the name of “Soap Soccer” in Karachi. The unique inflatable FutSal field is doused in soap and water making the surface both slippery and fun.

When Fawad manages to separate himself from his business and teaching, he likes nothing more than to allow his brain to think outside the box towards his next venture and idea.