Daniyal Zuberi
Department of Accounting

24-year-old Daniyal Zuberi is currently doing his chartered accountancy. His journey with Cedar College began earlier this year as an associate teacher for Accounts.

He scored an A* in accounts in his A-levels from Nixor College in 2012. He then began experimenting with teaching younger students and helping them in subjects like math, English, history, geography, and science. His experience as a tutor helped him realise his interest in pursuing it as a full time career.

During his free time he enjoys cooking, reading, and listening to music. Daniyal claims that his journey at Cedar is an eye opening experience as it has helped him learn teaching tactics from some of the best faculty members in Pakistan. His favourite part about being an associate is that he gets to learn something new from his students, and his mentor, Omair Masood.