At The Cedar School we have a unique approach towards education. Curriculum are carefully designed keeping in mind a holistic approach towards learning. Our young learners  will get an insight into various subjects in order to prepare them for their O Level exams. Some of the finest teacher's efforts have gone into the development of subject course outlines, choosing the best possible knowledge to ensure standards of excellence.

Lynette Viccaji

Coordinator English Language & Literature

Zarmina Raza

Department of English Language
Saadia Mirza Science cropped

Sadia Mirza

Parsa.Asif Chemistry and Coordinated Sciences

Parsa Asif

Chemisty & Coordinated Science
Abdul.Ghani Physics

Adul Ghani Noor

Maryah Omar cropped

Maryah Omar

ICT & Pakistan Studies

Arshy Zindani

Adam.Asif Math and Add Math

Adam Asif

Math & Add Math
Daniyal.Zuberi Accounts

Daniyal Zuberi

Amra Shafi cropped

Amra Sharif

Global Perspectives & English Language
Salva Agha Pathan History and Geography cropped

Salva Agha Pathan

History & Geography
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