Rukaiya Salman

Department of Business Studies

After beginning her teaching career in 2010, Rukaiya Salman is now a Business Studies teacher at Cedar College. She completed her PGCEi (Post-Graduate Certificate of Education) from University of Nottingham in 2014, alongside several courses administered by CIE (University of Cambridge International Examinations). She also served as the MUN Instructor at Southshore School for a period of three years.

Subsequently, she also obtained a CFA Charter. She is a regular member of the CFA Institute, previously serving on the board of SDSB (Suleman Dawood Scool of Business) LUMS. She also taught students of CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level III.

Rukaiya received her Bachelors in Finance and Accounting from LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences). In her spare time, Rukaiya likes to read up on technology-based start-ups and loves to travel, read and engage in fund-raising activities.