Reader’s Theatre Presents “Facets!”

The Reader’s Theatre “Facets” was held on 31st October 2017 and was a magnificent display of the performing arts by our students, faculty members and support staff members. The talent of each individual who performed was absolutely phenomenal, and together with the wonderful decorations and arrangements made the evening even more delightful and left our audience spell bound. The show comprised of an array of prose and poetry from Shakespeare to Maya Angelou and several different songs, both eastern and western. The event concluded with an open stage for anyone in the audience who would like to perform a piece, and some inspirational speeches from Sir Parker and Sir Bilal. The performers were then called onto stage and were thanked along with all those who contributed to making the event a success. The guests, teachers and students were also thanked for their presence and support during the event and the crowd then dispersed, contented with an evening well spent.

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