Rabbya Kamran

Business Studies Department

After completing her A-Levels from the Lyceum School in 2012, Rabbya completed her under-grad from Sabanci University in Turkey. She is now part of Cedar’s Associate Teachers team, working under Dilnaz X. Avari as an associate teacher for Business Studies.

She completed her bachelors in Economics with a minor in Business Management. During her time at Cedar, she claims that she has gained a detailed insight in to the ways that the Pakistani education system operates. With this insightful experience, Rabbya plans to eventually make a career for herself in education. Subsequently, she hopes that she can incorporate everything she has learnt at her time in university in Pakistan’s education system.

She also reveals her passion for sports! In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities such as playing squash, tennis, and basketball; a hobby she continued alongside her undergrad degree as well.