Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our college.

Imagine for a moment the countless possibilities that lie before you as you walk through the doors of a college. You could be actively involved in making impactful decisions about your future. Decisions that could shape, not just the next couple of years, but lay the groundwork for your future professional and personal success. You could be chalking out your future with help from inspiring, exceptional minds that possess decades of collective teaching and counselling experience. You could be nourishing your mental faculties with a breadth and depth of curriculum as yet unheard of in the country.

Now imagine for another moment if all these possibilities came together in one place. Imagine if you could wield them, build on them and optimise them to find that perfect balance which fits your needs.
You have arrived at Cedar.

Almost three years ago, when our very first batch of students walked into the Cedar campus eager, fresh-faced and full of optimism, none of us knew what the future would hold for them. I am not scared to admit that we were all a little apprehensive because we were not sure which way this relationship was going to go! However, it didn’t take long for them to become part of the Cedar family, making a special place in each of our hearts--- Just like I am hoping you will too.
I am sure you are very excited to start this new chapter of your lives. In today’s complex world, the best education is one that prepares the students for the unexpected by fostering creativity, flexibility, curiosity and innovation and we are excited to offer you all of that at Cedar. The two years ahead will be bursting with new challenges that will define your future. You will need to choose your courses based on your interests, and balance your classes with extra-curricular activities while you begin researching for universities. Managing and juggling all of this with homework assignments and tests is not going to be easy and the easiest description I can give you for the next two years is that they will be high pressure.

Our students are our priority. Seeing you achieve your goals in life is what we will be working towards. And ensuring that through it all, you always come out feeling good about yourself will be our main goal.
The next two years, none of it will be easy, and most of it won’t be fun. But what I can promise you is the unwavering support and guidance of the Cedar faculty and administration from start to finish.

I invite you to explore our website for all information on our program, curricula, requirements and course offering, and discover more about our faculty, administration and students. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.

Ms Aysha Sheikh


Ms Aysha Sheikh

Principal of the College

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We can’t wait to welcome you!