Omair Masood

Head of Department, Accounting

Omair Masood teaches Accounting at Cedar College. He started teaching in 2007 and has since taught at leading A Level schools including Nixor College, The Lyceum, Cordoba School, and Southshore School.

Omair graduated from the University of Lancaster in 2007 after completing his Bachelors in Accounting and Finance. He has gone on to clear all three levels of CFA exams. Before entering the academic arena, he worked at Ernst & Young as an Audit Trainee in Financial Services, and also at Islamic Capital Partners; a corporate advisory firm. Omair’s past achievements with both firms allowed him to refine his passion for teaching further toward mentoring students who were looking for similar career paths, making the transition to education a natural one for him.

He is always interested in taking calculated risks, and thoroughly enjoys investing in stocks and start-ups. He believes that the best way to learn is through experience, and encourages his students to think outside the box; to learn at every step along the way.

Omair likes to unwind watching and playing football, or simply enjoying the company of his friends.