Message from the Principal - PECHS Campus

Welcome to the Cedar Family!

Cedar College is an environment with one focus. That singular focus is to ensure the academic and personal growth of every student who becomes a part of the Cedar community through our exceptional faculty, extraordinary extracurricular activities, a nurturing environment, unmatched counseling and much more.


Whenever students talk to me about choosing Cedar College, their first thoughts involve our highly respected faculty who are accomplished professionals in their field and also serve as mentors who strive to bring out the best in every one of their students with their dedication and commitment.


Another extremely important thing to our students is achieving a balance between their academic and non-academic interests. The College has a strong commitment to provide an extraordinary breadth of learning experiences beyond the A Level through the Cedar Enrichment Program and Core skills, extracurricular activities, sports, pre-professional experiences and much more. Not only do our students enjoy exploring these diverse opportunities, they develop a robust and interesting profile that is very important for their competitiveness for university admissions to the best universities around the world.


Become a part of Cedar College to experience the wonderful environment that is all about our students. This journey is not just about successfully completing the A Level, but about enjoying the journey while you work hard to excel at everything that you do. For two years, you will be challenged to become the best version of yourself by everyone that you meet here. And we are confident that you will achieve that goal at Cedar College.


I look forward to welcoming you to the Cedar family!

Mr. Raheel Masood


Mr. Raheel Masood

Principal of the College – PECHS Campus