Message from the CEO

Each one of you is unique and I hope, once you walk through our doors, we play our part in helping you discover what sets you apart from your peers. Remain true to yourself, be proud of where you have come from and commit to your future with honesty and courage.


As part of the Cedar family, my door is always open for you - whether you need someone to talk to, laugh with or knock some sense into you. You are Cedar, and that means we will be there to support your growth in every way possible.


Always be open to embracing the endless possibilities that you may not have previously considered as change is inevitable. And though scary at times, it is when you open yourself to new experiences and challenges that you truly begin to grow and evolve. So be brave, and go forth.


To Knights of past, present and future - thank you for allowing me to be a part of your Cedar journey. Godspeed!

- Omair Masood