Mariam Reza

Department of Chemistry

Mariam has been teaching Chemistry since 2003. She views the role of a teacher as a facilitator of student-led learning, not just a fact-churning machine to help students clear their exams. Her course guidelines and classroom presence encourages students to think critically and question observed phenomena. She is always looking for new ways to make learning fun, including by writing pop-parody chemistry songs.

In addition to teaching, Mariam has also worked as an academic and college counsellor, organised school blood drives, directed school plays, and worked with debate teams. She encourages her students to get the most out of their academic environment and to develop holistically. Apart from activating her students’ scientific curiosity in the classroom, she hopes she can also help them develop an appreciation for kindness, tolerance and mutual respect.

When not teaching, Mariam can usually be found travelling. She has been to all the continents of the world, including Antarctica. Whether it includes skydiving and scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef or tracking mountain gorillas in Uganda, she sees a thrill discovering new places.