Lynette Viccaji

Department of Literature

Lynette Viccaji teaches English Literature at Cedar College and she is a lecturer at the Notre Dame Institute of Education. Lynette has taught at The Lyceum, where she served as the Head of Department for English Literature. In addition, she has worked at the Convent of Jesus and Mary and St. Michael’s Convent School as an O Level English Language and Literature teacher and coordinator. She has also been a consultant for the Oxford University Press.

Lynette has been involved in, and remains active, with various workshops and programs related to teacher training and professional development. She has been a regular participant in numerous literary events across Pakistan, hosted by The British Council, Oxford University Press and SPELT.

Lynette has a B.A Honours and Masters in English from The Karachi University and a B.Ed from the Notre Dame Institute of Education. Her other interests include drama, debates, elocutions and singing.