KBC National Inter-School Indoor Regatta 2020

The Cedar College rowing team participated in the annual KBC National Inter-School Indoor Regatta 2020 with 10 other schools participating from across Pakistan as well as 2 club teams. We would like to congratulate our team on securing 15 Gold medals, 10 Silver medals and 6 Bronze medals; an ode to all the hard work and dedication our students have put in towards the sport, despite the unusual circumstances this year. We are so proud of you! Congratulations to our coaches as well, Meherdil Babai, Arwais Babai, Qamar Zaman and Manahil Hussain. Thank you for all that you do for the team! Additionally, we would also like to congratulate CAS for winning 11 Gold medals, 3 Silver medals and 6 Bronze medals as well as KGS for winning 7 Gold medals, 19 Silver medals and 9 Bronze medals.
What a week it has been for our knights!  The sports teams exemplified that you may not always get what you wish for, but you get what you work for! Congratulations on your well-deserved victories!


  • Cedar Rowing team bagged the most number of golds at the Inter School Rowing regatta. Knights managed to win 15 Gold, 10 Silver & 6 Bronze medals. 

  • Cedar Gold Football Team played against Alpha College and kicked their way to victory at the Lyceum football tournament.

  • Cedar White Futsal showed some impressive footwork and won the final against Credo College at the Alpha Sports Festival. 

  • Our Cricketers knocked it out of the park at the Alpha Sports Festival beating Nixor in the finals.

  • Basketball boys & girls teams played the finals against Nixor at the  Alpha Sports festival and dribbled their way to 2nd place!

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