INFINITUM'20 - Pakistan's first ever National online Math Olympiad, took place on the 16th of October. 70 Teams and 350 participants took part in the Olympiad, representing 30+ schools all over Pakistan. 

We are happy to announce that not only did one of our teams win the competition, another one came 2nd and one of our students also won the Best Brand Ambassador Award!

Winner of Best Brand Ambassador Award: Moiz Maqbool


1st position (Winner): Cedar Team D. 

Abbas Kagdi.

Hunain Imran

Yahya Ahmed

Wasi Mohsin

Hussain Ibrahim


2nd position (Runner Up): Cedar Team F. Dayyan Hasan.

Amar Ahmed

Hamza Shuja

Ali Khurram

Shehryar Faisal

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