Dilnaz X. Avari

Department of Business

Dilnaz Avari teaches Business Studies at Cedar College. For the past fifteen years, she has taught Business Studies at The Lyceum School. Additionally, she has conducted various Cambridge International Examination training courses for teachers, and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program in Pakistan.

She actively engages in charitable and philanthropic activities, raising money for the needy through organisation and coordination of various carnivals and fund raisers with help from her students. Dilnaz is a member of the Board of Governors of the Professional Education Foundation, whose objective is to alleviate poverty through Professional Education.

Having stayed true to her passion form the start, Dilnaz achieved her MBA in Business Administration from Institute of Business Administration (IBA).

When not otherwise occupied, her interests include cooking, swimming, and reading. She is not one to shy away from deep philosophical questions and discussions.