The transition from the O Level to the A Level syllabus is quite challenging, which is why Cedar’s dynamic team of Counsellors work closely with students throughout their A Levels to help them maintain a superior academic profile so that they have a world of options to explore when it comes to choosing university and career paths.

Cedar offers a hybrid advising system to its student body where the Counsellors not only act in an overall academic advising capacity but also guide and mentor students through their college application processes. Academic and College counselling conversations happen cohesively: the entire student experience is streamlined by unifying academic, career, college advising, writing support and community engagement under a single advisor. Counsellors aim to ensure that students remain focused on their academic goals by building on their strengths and improving weaknesses and eventually streamlining their skills and interests to match their college and career aspirations.

What role will a Counsellor play in your child’s academic journey at Cedar College?

  • Reviewing and advising students on their A Level subject choices in line with their future majors and career aspirations.

  • Facilitating students’ acquisition of study skills and work to help them understand how they learn best.

  • Understand CAIE subject criteria’s and components – familiarize yourself with the outlines so as to better deal with student needs.
  • Work as a liason between Associate Teachers, faculty, parents, and admin and to ensure that weak students are able to get one-on-one time to improve their progress.
  • Make academic/personal choices that are best suited to their individual skills, interests and abilities while providing students with accurate information alongside encouragement and hands-on guidance.
  • Recommend particular ECA activities, research areas and core courses to students. Indicate the importance of these as forming a good college profile for further studies.

  • Advise students on adding or dropping A Level subjects, ensure holistic advice in line with potential majors and future college choices.

  • Help the student make sense of the sometimes-complicated university research process and guide him/her toward making choices that are best suited to his/her individual skills, interests and goals.

  • Provide useful resources and tools that will assist the student with his/her college research, essay writing, requesting recommendations, and completing and submitted his/her application on time.

  • Organize seminars and workshops at regular intervals along with external Seminars which are conducted by university representatives visiting Cedar College to provide information about their institutions’ academic program, admissions criteria and application process.

  • Aiding students with their Personal Statements/ College Essays by identifying themes, defining experiences and specific values that can help them write their personal statements and/ or essays, Cedar College writing coaches will provide hands-on assistance with the basics of writing: grammar, structure and expression.

  • Taking charge of students’ recommendation letters and other useful resources and tools that may assist them with the sometimes complicated university research and application process.

  • Providing support, positive reinforcement, and pragmatic solutions to the myriad challenges faced by Cedar students.

  • Hosting university information sessions, career and college seminars, university representatives and experts in various professional fields.

Subsequently, Cedar has had the pleasure of hosting reputed institutions from the USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Asia in the past. These seminars give students hands-on insight into the realities of university life and the world of work and supplement the counselling process, offering students the opportunity to have their questions answered first hand.

We believe that whether it is academic achievement or the university selection and application process, each individual is the driver of his or her future. The more effort a student puts in, the greater the rewards. Hence, while the road ahead is long and difficult, Cedar College will provide a great deal of support as well as invaluable guidance during each student’s learning process.