How well do you know yourself? What makes you come alive? What is it that makes  you want to discover, to explore, and learn?


Each individual is unique and different. So in order to understand ourselves better, we must step out of our comfort zones, and try something new. We must experiment to discover who we are. 


The Core Program at Cedar College therefore has one purpose: exposure. It exposes students to new ways of thinking and being, to a common vocabulary of ideas and skills, to interdisciplinary learning, to arts and sciences, to music and theatre, to issues of culture and identity, to self-discovery and self-development. The Core Program includes courses as diverse as “Woodcraft”, “Public Speaking”, “Robotics” and “Trial, Error and the Search for Happiness“, to name a few.


The Core Program at Cedar offers a wide selection of courses from which students are required to complete at least ONE before they graduate.

Each Core course lasts two months with two classes scheduled every week. Students complete the Core with a heightened appreciation of various disciplines and a better understanding of themselves and society while sharpening skills in critical thinking and analytical writing.


Some of the Cores courses Cedar College is currently offering.

  1. Improvisational Theatre
  2. Robotics & App Development
  3. Woodcraft
  4. Public Speaking & Presentation
  5. Trial, Error & the Search for Happiness
  6. Outdoor Survival Skills
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