CoRDS Hosts Architectonics’17

Staged annually at Cedar College, Architectonics’17 is a construction event devoted to the pursuit of science! Organised by CoRDS, our very own science society, the event took place on the 21st of October with over 85 participants. The event was an amalgamation of talented and bright individuals who created astounding projects in a set amount of time.
The event comprised of 3 modules: Pneumatron, Nutrientibus and Sugar Spire. Participants were required to put their knowledge about scientific theories into practice, maneuver them, and create something unique. By the end of the competition, the teams “Sputnik” and “Dominators” were declared winner and runner up. The competition officially came to an end with some inspirational speeches from our directors.The full day event, filled with enthusiasm and energy, was followed by an amazing performance by C-sharp.

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