Community Services

Our community service program kicks off before the academic year even begins: over the summer, members of the CedarCare society organize a Ramadan Drive where they make Iftar packets and distribute them to the families of patients suffering from heart diseases at a cardiovascular hospital. Once the school year starts, many students sign up to volunteer up to 30 hours of their time at the Ujala School for the differently-abled.

In addition to volunteering, there are several initiatives through which students can impact communities in sustainable ways. For example, Cedar Readers, our society for booklovers, is building a library for the Narayan Jagannath Vaidya (NJV) School, the oldest government school established in Sindh.

The Robin Hood Army is also another constant project taken up by CedarCare. For an entire year, students have gotten together every Sunday morning and visited different locations to distribute food collected from the night before from various restaurants and cafes. This food is distributed to people who can’t afford to have proper meals — a brilliant reallocation of food that would have been wasted otherwise.

It’s great to see that the societies that make up the Student Activities Center (SAC) are playing their part to make Karachi a better place. Creating a positive change does not necessarily mean that you have to donate with money, it can also be through your actions, your words, or just your intention to help those around you. It’s important to put these things right and put our hearts and souls into helping people.