The Debating Club at Cedar College, Cedar Union, is a student-led society, which aims to promote and endorse public speaking and debating. Our expert coaching staff intensively trains students who wish to take up public speaking on a competitive level in all forms of debates, i.e. parliamentary, MUN and declamation.

Our focus is on developing students presentation and advocacy skills. Our coaches work with students to help them develop an understanding on how to plan a speech and how to build a strong and persuasive argument.

Society heads are expected to follow a rigorous debating timeline with intercollegiate debates, in-house and off-campus events, round-robin style tournaments etc. Members meet once a week and debate a wide range of issues, some that challenge them to think outside the box and be creative with their arguments and some that rely on a knowledge of current affairs and events. Format may be tournament style, team-based or constructive speech with pre-determined cross-examination and rebuttal segments.

Over the past two years, the Debating Club has seen many successes which has led to our Parliamentary Debate team being ranked as one of the top teams in circuit.