Bilal Hameed

Head of Department, Chemistry

Bilal Hameed teaches A Level Chemistry at Cedar College. He began his teaching career in 2003. Since then, he has taught at leading schools that include: Nixor College, St. Patrick’s High School, Bayview College, The CAS School and the Southshore School.

Bilal has worked closely with students through the years to make classrooms more interactive. Being a strong proponent for accessibility to education, he strives to diminish the orthodox limitations of the classroom, introducing modern technologies and media into the education process; encouraging his pupils to develop a thirst for knowledge with a desire to harness it. He envisions collaboration in education between teachers and students around the world as he strongly believes that students can derive optimal advantage from exposure to such educational facilities. He is ever-ready to adapt his teaching methods to the students’ needs, and the media available to them including use of pre-recorded lectures, interactive books and online forums.

This initiative was sparked by his prior work as a programmer, both in the United States and thereafter in Pakistan, upon his return. Having completed his A Levels from Karachi Grammar School, Bilal went on to Rutgers University, USA, to study Computer Science and Chemistry.

When not in his classroom, Bilal enjoys spending time keeping up to date with (and ahead of) latest technology; just as much as he enjoys reading back into history (American history, the Cold War, history of science and Islamic history). He is a gourmand and is always curious to find new eateries in the city. Alongside these, are his passion for cricket, tennis, photography and mystery novels.