Annual Drama: “Darling, I’m Home!”

After tiring rehearsals and numerous critiques in our practices, the Cedar Dramaybaaz society managed to stage Cedar College’s first ever drama production. From 16th of February to the 18th of February, PACC auditorium was jam-packed with people laughing and engaging in the play, Darling I’m home. Directed by Miss Aysha Sheikh, this comical satire depicting the conventional roles of the sexes in society and how there are stereotypes attached to all genders, provided the audiences with laughter on all three days of its run. 

Jehangir Ali Shah, Kenza Yasir Khan, Abdul Muqeet Khan and Surraya Batool Soomro in lead roles with Touleen Amin, Salman Barry and Alizeh Azad in the extras; all actors did a phenomenal job, showing exceptional talent which can only come about when you have thoroughly understood your characters. The Jack Popplewell written comedy depicts a frustrated husband and wife and their relationships with their family and friends, when the husband starts running the house and the wife starts working at the office, a switch in the conventional scenarios that would be taking place is seen with the husband doing the cleaning and the wife complaining about long work hours. 

This play was a raving success and hopefully more events like these will help inculcate a closer attachment to watching and doing the performing arts. The three days resulted in numerous fun for the audience and cast and crew of the play. 

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