Algebro ’17

Once again, the CoRDS Society pulled off another event in a seamless manner. This year’s Math Olympiad was titled as Algebro ’17.

It served as a great platform for all those Knights who are passionate about Mathematics. Ranging from solving Sodukus, Ken Ken and numerically structured Rubiks Cubes, all the way to deciphering mind cramming ciphers in the Math hunt – each team pulled it off amazingly! Apart from the event being an amalgam of mathematics puzzles and riddles, students were also required to build sundials and calibrate test tubes. The Rapid Fire and the Buzzer rounds proved to be the game changers of the competition. By the end of the competition, heartwarming speeches by Sir Bilal, Sir sherry and Sir Faraz marked the end of the day with the teams Pineapple Doggo, Intsrumentalist Tecticians, and Math πrates bagging home the winners,1st and 2nd runners up trophies, respectively.

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