Your time at Cedar will be profoundly transformative and engaging. The Cedar experience exposes you to a rigorous A Level program, a culture of technological innovation and a distinguished faculty. It engenders an ethos of inquiry, critical thinking and self-awareness. We encourage you to consider how you will fit into and contribute to our dynamic community here at Cedar.

With the first step being applying to an A Level school, it is important to ensure that the school has the program, resources and faculty you need in order to meet your personal and academic needs. It is our priority to keep the students’ expectations from the school in line with those of the school from the students.

Added to this, the pressure to make the right academic choices in terms of subjects, to maintain a strong academic performance and a well-rounded university application profile can be extremely overwhelming. The goal is to enable students to maintain an impressive/great academic profile so that they have a world of options to explore when it comes to choosing where to attend university, and which career path to pursue.

Cedar College is affiliated with, and all subjects are offered through, Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE).

We offer a wide range of A Level subjects with flexibility in subject choice and combinations. We do our best to be as accommodating as possible to ensure a subject combination that is suited to your strengths and career aspirations.