Month: October 2017

Reader’s Theatre Presents “Facets!”

The Reader’s Theatre “Facets” was held on 31st October 2017 and was a magnificent display of the performing arts by our students, faculty members and support staff members. The talent of each individual who performed was absolutely phenomenal, and together with the wonderful decorations and arrangements made the evening even more delightful and left our …

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Habib University Information Session

Cedar College hosted an information session for Habib University, where students learnt about the various opportunities available for those seeking an undergraduate degree in the Liberal Arts in Pakistan. The session focused on research funding and facilities, something not common at the undergraduate level. The talk was also instrumental in highlighting how Habib University’s campus …

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Habib University Model United Nations ’17

Amidst the recently escalating tension and the constant change in world politics, our planet has become more divided than ever. In an attempt to subdue the conflicts like growing resentment and sectarianism, Model United Nations were initiated. The aim was simple, to nurture and mould humans into multifaceted beings. Cedar College following its philosophy to …

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Mega Bake Sale

The annual Cedar bake sale took place 25th October 2017. Nearing Halloween, the society heads worked incredibly hard to make this bake sale a huge success. They eventually decided that the theme of the day should be Halloween related! At last, on the day of the event, students filled the school in striking outfits. Some …

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Trip to Gorakh Hills

85 students, 8 chaperones and Mr Bilal Hameed set out for Gorakh Hills on 20th October, 2017. Everyone gathered at Cedar by 10 pm and set off by midnight. After stopping over at Sehwan at 6 am to stretch, watching the sunrise over chai and paratha was a must! Soon after, everyone off in their buses again only to offload 3 hours later and transfer …

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Essay Writing Workshop with Ms Zarmina Raza

In terms of the stressful procedure with essay-writing, the Counselling Department organized a small skill-based group session on US college essay writing with Miss Zarmina Raza. This small-scale workshop took place on October 12th. We encouraged peer-to-peer feedback for writing best practice.  Thanks to Miss Zarmina’s guidance, the students found the workshop quite informative and …

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