Zenab Tariq
Head of Counselling & Academics

With a Bachelor of Social Sciences specialising in Psychology from the Lahore University of Management Sciences, Zenab then completed a one-year training in humanistic counseling skills. A combination of the two qualifications is the guiding force behind her philosophy for school counseling: to bring together the academic, extracurricular and personal facets of each student’s life. Her key belief is that students who receive positive reinforcement and all the external tools required for growth – academic assistance, personalised guidance and holistic extracurricular opportunities – will always emerge as successful, balanced young adults.

Zenab believes that the goal of counseling is to help students actualise their true potential, harnessing their talents and strengths to achieve their goals and raise the bar for themselves. She has previously taught English General at Southshore and Beaconhouse, and worked as part of the school administration, while pursuing development communication research consultancies with the ILO, Aga Khan Foundation and BISP. Her favourite teaching experience however, has been a short course in creative writing with a focus on magical realism. This is Zenab’s fifth year as a school counselor, and seventh in education itself.

She is a yoga and travel enthusiast who spends her free time reading and taking her dog Zorro for walks.