Shahab Yakoob
Department of Mathematics

Shahab Yakoob teaches Mathematics at Cedar College. Having taught for fifteen years, his portfolio includes institutions like The Lyceum, Southshore School, Karachi Grammar School and Bayview High. His experience extends to O Level subjects such as Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, and SAT Mathematics allowing him to teach A Levels with a more holistic and empathic approach.

He has achieved a Bachelors in Science and Mechanical Engineering (BSME) from West Virginia University Institute of Technology.

Shahab boasts a multiplicity of skills outside of the classroom. He owns and runs Food Republic; a small-scale food business which caters homemade cuisine. The venture allows him to explore the dynamics of logistics and statistics involved in applying mathematics to the real world and has taught much that would otherwise be hidden in text books. His entrepreneurial spirit drives him to develop links and encourage students to use the skills they learn in college in practical situations in order to better understand the concepts being taught.

He enjoys breaking a sweat playing table tennis or immersing himself in a book on a lazier day.