Mohammad Sangani
College Counselling Department

After completing his masters in International Business and Marketing from The University of Dundee, Mohammad returned to Pakistan to contribute towards the positive development of our nation. Having worked for an FMCG company abroad for almost three years, he realized the essence of a set of skills required to make a mark in the corporate world. Mohammad believes that one should actually pursue his/her dreams and build a career in an area they are passionate about. Therefore, the educational sector’s advancements in our society appealed to Mohammad, leading him to work in an academic institution.

Mohammad hopes that his former experience will help to shape and groom the personality of students at Cedar College for their professional careers in the future. His designation at the counselling department will will eventually assist students with their post Cedar life; may it be at university or in their respective career paths they choose. Also, Mohammad plans to encourage students to be actively involved in the extra-curricular activities and facilities provided by Cedar in order to enhance the overall student experience; one that is hard to forget.

When not at work, Mohammad tends to be quite sporty and plays tennis and football regularly. Apart from that, he loves to travel and explore exotic places. Subsequently, he takes his love for music seriously and plans to start blog-writing in the near future.