Faiza Ahmed
Department of Academic Counselling

Faiza Ahmed first detected her interest in advising and supporting the student body when she was completing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science the University of Alberta, Canada. Here, she held the positions of Vice President of Student Life, and International Students Representative.

As Cedar College’s Senior Academic Counsellor, Faiza believes that successful academic advising requires the support and participation of all school personnel, parents, and the community at large. She believes that the overarching goal of being an academic counsellor is to ensure that students remain focused on their academic goals. She has made it her responsibility to help students build on their strengths, and improve on their weaknesses.

Along with working as an Academic Counsellor at Cedar, Faiza also teaches the International Relations and Forensic Anthropology Core Courses. She has taken several MOOC courses on International Relations through edX and Coursera, adding to her Political Science background. She has also previously worked at an interior design gallery.

In her spare time, Faiza is an avid reader and enjoys playing the piano for her cat, aptly named Oreo.