The academic experience at Cedar is defined by the team of educational pioneers at its core, all of whom want to put to good use the lessons they have learned over decades of collective teaching. Teachers who believe in leading from the front, who seek to challenge the conventional and push beyond the flimsy frontiers of knowledge.

And there you have our credo. Cedar seeks in individuals not just academic excellence but the ability to explore beyond the horizons of their knowledge, to think beyond binaries of black and white, and to discover themselves in tandem with the world around them.


Why is Cedar the place for you?


Cedar offers some of the best academic and student-services programs in Pakistan. Students are given the flexibility to create their own subject combination from a wide range of A Level subjects which we offer. Additionally, we have developed an intellectually stimulating, exciting and challenging Core Curriculum which is very similar to the Liberal arts program at universities in the US. Alongside all this, Cedar boasts of an extensive and diverse range of student activities, with multiple co and extracurricular clubs and societies, community service programs and sports. And all this is just the tip of the iceberg. We encourage you to go through our website and learn more about Cedar so that you can judge for yourself whether Cedar is the place for you

Who we look for?

Annually over 1500 students apply to Cedar College. Our Admissions Office assesses every application from a holistic perspective to shortlist students for interviews. From those who are interviewed, only selected students are offered admission at Cedar.

Cedar offers a diverse range of opportunities to its students. We are looking for applicants who are ready to respond to these opportunities intelligently, creatively and enthusiastically. We like ambition and curiosity, unquenchable thirst for knowledge, passion for learning, talent and persistence, positive energy and humanity. We especially appreciate students who love thinking hard about things and are driven to make a difference in the world.

First Year (A1) Applicants
Step 1

Complete and submit your application at the A1 admission form.

Step 2

Complete all sections of the form. Clearly mention the results of your final CIE O Level result.

Step 3

Wait for the Admissions Office to review your application. The Admissions Office will get back to you with a response within 3 working days IF your application makes our cut-off for admission in the subjects that you have applied for. 

Step 4

If you are shortlisted for an interview, make sure you bring attested photocopies of your transcripts OR originals, along with photocopies of your mind-term and final school results (Classes 9-11) to your interview.

Step 5

If you are accepted to Cedar, pick up your acceptance letter and fee voucher.

Transfer (A2) applicants
Step 1

Fill and the submit the transfer (A2) admission form.

Step 2

Complete all sections of the form. Mention your Class 9, 10 and 11 results, O Level grades and AS Level mock results. Remember that you cannot save your form, so make sure you have all the information ready before you fill out the application.

Step 3

Wait for the Admissions Office to review your application.If you are shortlisted for an interview, make sure you bring attested photocopies OR originals along with photocopies of all your CIE results and your school results from Classes 9-AS Level (Mid-term and Final). 

Step 4

If you are accepted to Cedar, pick up your acceptance letter and fee voucher.


It is safe to say that I am glad I chose to come to Cedar College. So far, my experience here has been amazing! The teachers here are brilliant, they show genuine interest in each student’s development, and have combined a refreshing academic program for us. Most of all, I am glad that I get to be a part of an institution which strives for holistic improvement with a focus on personal development along with the A-Level curriculum. I don’t just spend my day at Cedar College studying physics and chemistry, I also get to develop other interests that I have. I get to do this through taking up the eye opening Core Courses offered, such as the The Roots of War, The Philosophy of Time. In this way, Cedar College reinforces the all encompassing nature of knowledge, in all of its forms and shapes. It is a great place full of the friendliest people who you know would always be willing to help you!

Aqdas Fatima

Cedar has been an amazing journey so far. The institution has pleasantly surprised me at every turn, and continues to work towards fulfilling its promises to students. Of course it is not perfect yet but then, what is? At the same time, these imperfections are compensated for in full by the amazing management at Cedar which works continuously to accommodate all students. Cedar doesn’t just direct students towards academic success but is genuinely trying to improve their abilities of the students in all spheres with initiatives like the Core program. My experience to-date at Cedar has been memorable – it is undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have made.

Zaid Abro

Cedar is really the place you want to be. It’s an amazing atmosphere, with a range of reputable faculty members and a diverse list of extra circular activities. Personally, the thing I love the most about my college is how close the Cedar community really is behind the scenes. Everyone, from the administration body to the staff, is very helpful and pleasant to talk to; causing me to meet many unique and wonderful people here. The teachers go out of their way to make sure that the students are not treated like their inferiors.  Cedar College in general places a lot of focus on detailed student-teach interaction. And I probably know what you’re thinking, “Yeah, that’s what everyone says, it never really is.” But this my friends, is different. The teachers here are more likely to be found in the courtyard than in the staff room, and many a time I’ve experienced that a teacher just plonks themselves right beside you and talks to you like their equal; debating about things ranging from philosophies, theorems all the way till which team is most likely to win the Premier League. And it is here that lies the greatest strength of Cedar, it’s teachers’ dedication to serve as academic inspirations as well as personal mentors. They are your best buddies and confidants, making sure that classroom learning is of a high standard while also maintaining a fun learning atmosphere for students! All in all, my experience, though short, has been a wonderful one. Go Knights!!!

Syed Shah Anas Hussain

Enrolling at Cedar is by far the best decision I have made yet. It is unlike other schools in Karachi because it focuses on education rather than exam-oriented, isolated learning. The teachers here teach you beyond just the course textbooks: they give you knowledge beyond the binaries of black and white and make you look at the world from a different perspective, showing you the grey spaces where questions and exploration happen. Studying here has totally changed me in all aspects, not just academics, even though it has not been long since I joined Cedar. When I see myself today, I see a totally different person because at this institution, you can become who you want to be. You learn about your areas of interest and at the same time are groomed to be a better person. I feel privileged to be under the guidance of the Cedar staff because each member of the institution has taught me invaluable lessons, and it’s due to them that I am becoming a different – and better – person.

Hasan Lakha

Cedar College has become my second home. The atmosphere here is one which, in my opinion, cannot be found elsewhere. I have, in this short time, met the most amazing people at Cedar College. The uniqueness of Cedar stems not from the outstanding, hardworking teachers or the numerous extracurricular activities it offers. What truly makes Cedar the first of its kind in Pakistan is the extensive and innovative use of technology! Students from other schools can be seen hunched by their backpacks, but Cedar’s policy of providing each kid with an iPad ensures that this does not happen to its students. Our iPads have everything, be it notes, course books or college counseling tools. From the most qualified and friendliest teachers, to the outstanding number or CEP activities, Cedar has it all. Be it a sports event or a debating championship, you will find Cedar Knights out shining all other participants.

Daniyal Ashraf Admaney

Every student has the potential to reach the sky; to be better; and to succeed at what they love. Cedar as an A level institution aims to provide avenues and opportunities to its students to actualise their potential in an environment which doesn’t just focus not on competition, but also encourages growth. From debates and improv to rowing and football, Cedar has made sure that no matter what your goals may be and what you strikes you as interesting, you will find innovative platforms to carry on with them. It is a place designed for all. One of the key aspects that makes Cedar the best, is the inclusivity and diversity that we find on our campus. People with different interests gelling together like one big family.

At Cedar, you will notice the finest faculty across all subjects, where teachers make sure that they are always available for students; building up on an open student teacher relationship. Through this, students have the opportunity to extract the most out of their teachers, in terms of their wisdom, knowledge, and experiences.

Lastly, the thing that makes Cedar distinctive among other A Level institutions is the college’s Core program. The structure requires students to learn about various fields, such as politics and astronomy without any academic pressure – solely for the sake of knowledge and character building. Clearly, Cedar realizes the fundamental responsibilities of an educational institute, which ideally aims to help students identify who they are before they enter the real world!

Shah Anas Ahmed

When choosing an A-levels school, it was important to me to find a school that would not only help me advance academically, but also allow me to develop as a person.

Cedar is not an average school – Cedar teaches its students dedication, courage and perseverance. At Cedar there is never a dull moment, for the atmosphere is one that encourages curiosity and learning. The Core Courses, the Cedar Enrichment Program (CEP), and Faculty and Staff always help broaden students horizons and help them be open to new experiences.

Cedar is not just about getting good grades, but about discovering your potential and interests, where you fall only to pick yourself up, where you don’t race for the finish line, but to enjoy the journey. Cedar provides us with the tools to overcome any and all obstacles we may face in life. Every moment at Cedar makes us grow and learn. Joining Cedar has greatly and positively impacted my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience. Cedar was my dream that came true.

Elsa Mubashir

If you’re coming to Cedar then you’re in for an experience that’s unique to Cedar alone. Cedar has this way of showing you that what you want is important to them. Here you’re treated as an individual – every time I think of Cedar the one sentence that goes through my mind is “you choose what you want to do and we’ll adjust our schedule to make sure you get it.” The teachers here aren’t just working to get you ready for an exam, they’re there to help you really understand the subject.

A lot of you will have noticed that Cedar really knows how to talk the talk –  all those promises, all those extracurriculars, all those things Cedar’s telling you to look forward to. Let me tell you this: I loved all of those too, and they were part of why I came to Cedar – and I wasn’t one bit disappointed. Cedar knows how to walk the walk, just as well as it talks the talk.

If I was to describe Cedar in two words I’d say friendly and caring. I realized this when one of the counselors came up to me and asked why I was dropping a particular subject. I told her it was too difficult, I couldn’t do it and that it was messing up my other subjects. She told me she wasn’t going to let me drop it, but also motivated me to keep it going. She didn’t have to do that. She chose to take out time to talk to me, help me and motivate me to go on with it, telling me she knew I could do it – and that’s Cedar for you.

Cedar really is the experience of a lifetime, and one that’s unique to Cedar, and Cedar alone.

Hasan Khan Sherwani

Cedar College has transformed education from its very roots, integrating technology and exposing students to its Core program led by a team of incredibly supportive and inspiring individuals. It is unlike any institution I could have imagined being here in Karachi. Every class offers an opportunity to grow through its motivational pull, while extracurriculars and student societies challenge us to push ourselves and allow us to pursue the things that we are passionate about as individuals. The friendly, accessible environment truly encourages us as students to learn, to love learning and to contribute to the collective growth of Cedar in a safe, open space. Although only four months in so far, I can say with certainty that I am glad to be a part of this amazing institution.

Abdul Hadi Khatri