How to Apply?

Cedar College is a great place to do your A Levels. And for the first time, this year, we will be welcoming a small number of transfer (A2) students on campus to complete their A Levels at Cedar.

Transfer admissions are conducted for students who took their AS Level exams in May/June 2017 and want to change their A Level school for their second year of A Levels.  

If you who want transfer to Cedar you can apply for a transfer admission at

The admission form for transfer students contains basic guidelines on how to fill it.

Things to remember
  • Fill the application form in one go as a partially filled application can NOT be saved.
  • Once an application has been submitted, information on the application can not be changed
  • Contact information given in the application must be correct and relevant as the
  • Admissions Office will be using it to contact the applicant when and if required.
  • Incorrectly filled and/or incomplete applications will not be processed
Checklist for Important Documents

The following documents need to be submitted if selected for an interview:

  1. 3 passport sized identical photographs of yourself (against a white background) with your name written on the back.
  2. Attested photocopies of all CIE O Level Statement of Results
  3. Attested copies of school reports (mid-year and final-year reports for Classes 9, 10, 11 and AS Level)
  4. Attested copies of certificates and any other relevant acknowledgement of extracurricular involvement (e.g. student council member, parliamentary debates, MUN position holders or outstanding performances in science exhibitions, theatre, art, music and/or sports etc.) that may facilitate the selection process.
  5. Teachers Recommendation form (optional)
  6. Principal’s Recommendation form (optional)